2018 NYSAFC Legislative Agenda

Cost Recovery for Fire Department Ambulance Service
Allow fire departments and fire districts to recover costs for providing ambulance service from insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid in a similar manner as for-profit and not-for-profit ambulance services. (S.363-A Little / A.7717-A Jones)

Illegal Building Conversions
Pursue legislative and administrative actions that will help to ensure the safety of firefighters by preventing the illegal conversion of single family buildings into multi-family units without proper permits and review.

Enact a Lemon Law for Fire Apparatus
Enact legislation providing for a Lemon Law for fire apparatus like the law for passenger motor vehicles.

Training for Fire Chiefs
Enact legislation requiring the New York State Fire Administrator to convene a group consisting of various fire service associations and employee representatives to review the training standards for fire chiefs and to make recommendations for such standards.

Authorization for Pay for Calls for Volunteer Firefighters
Enact legislation that would authorize the payment of volunteer firefighters on a per-call basis, while still retaining their volunteer status.

Continue to Pursue Residential Sprinklers Through Adoption of the International Residential Code (IRC)

Federal Legislation
Continue to pursue enactment of legislation funding the AFG and SAFER grant programs.